Professional Asbestos contractors in Ireland

8 Sep 2017

Professional Asbestos contractors in Ireland

At OHSS Safety Consultants Ireland, amongst the many Health & Safety services we offer, we provide advice and guidance on the safety requirements and necessary protocols that surround the hazardous material that is asbestos. During our work, we get asked many questions and we share some of those and their answers with you now.

What should I do if asbestos is discovered unexpectedly in my premises?

The most important thing you can do in that instance is to stop what you’re doing immediately and evacuate the area. A risk assessment should then be conduct by a licensed professional asbestos contractor, who can determine how much work is required to make the area safe.

Is there a requirement to be able to produce asbestos training certification?

Whilst some training companies offer a certificate as a proof that a training course has been completed, there is no current legal requirement to be able to produce a physical certificate at any point.

How regularly should we refresh our training?

Refreshment of knowledge through training for licensable and non-licensable asbestos work should be carried out every 12 months. For more general ‘awareness’ training, this doesn’t require a full annual refresher, rather a more suitable, concise version as part of a larger health and safety refresher course.

What is ‘The duty to manage’?

Owners of commercial premises or those with the responsibility for the repair and maintenance of non-domestic buildings have what is known as a ‘Duty to Manage’ any asbestos found or contained inside. When it is discovered, or thought be present, it must be managed correctly and safely by an individual with the necessary training and/or certification.

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We have been offering professional asbestos services to the Irish commercial sector for over 16 years, including asbestos surveys, asbestos removal & disposal and associated safety training.

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