Claim for 70-Year-Old's Exposure to Asbestos 'Wrongly Dismissed'

This entry was posted on 31 January, 2024.

At OHSS, we regularly bring you articles about asbestos news, as it highlights the ongoing danger that it presents  - despite being banned from construction in the late 1990s. Today, we look at a story from the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland, where it ... READ MORE

Asbestos Surveys - What They Are & Who Can Conduct Them

This entry was posted on 10 January, 2024.

At OHSS, we offer asbestos safety and management training, as well as asbestos awareness training - something that we've been doing since 2001. One aspect of our work that we'll be looking at today is asbestos surveys - covering what they are and who can conduct ... READ MORE

Asbestos Regulations & The General Duties of an Employer

This entry was posted on 27 December, 2023.

The OHSS team possesses a wealth of expertise and experience in the occupational hygiene and asbestos safety and management fields. In the regular blogs that we create, our aim is to educate businesses across Ireland about the dangers that exist in the workplace ... READ MORE

Explaining Asbestos Surveys

This entry was posted on 01 December, 2023.

At OHSS Safety Consultants, we offer a range of occupational hygiene and asbestos awareness training services, and it's the latter that's the focus of this blog. Asbestos surveys represent an essential practice when there's a suspicion of the presence of the ... READ MORE

Asbestos Found at Military Camp Used to House Ukrainian Refugees

This entry was posted on 30 November, 2023.

We regularly bring you asbestos-related news at OHSS to demonstrate that it's still a material that presents a considerable risk, despite being banned in construction at the end of the 1990s. Today we bring you another story about asbestos from the Irish media ... READ MORE

The Impact of Asbestos on Workers' Health

This entry was posted on 03 November, 2023.

At OHSS, we are committed to helping Irish businesses keep their workers safe through expert consultation and asbestos awareness training. Today, we look at the impact that asbestos can have on worker health in light of the EU recently lowering the limit of ... READ MORE

The Role the EPA & Local Authorities Play in Hazardous Waste Management

This entry was posted on 31 October, 2023.

At OHSS, we work hard to protect Irish businesses and their workers from the biggest occupational health killer of our time - asbestos. Advising on the dangers and management of workplace asbestos in compliance with regulations, our team ensures that all ... READ MORE

What Happens When Asbestos is Repaired & Not Removed?

This entry was posted on 03 October, 2023.

We've been protecting Irish businesses from the ever-present danger of asbestos that still lurks in buildings across the country since 2001. Providing advice and guidance for all your workplace Health and Safety management plans, the OHSS team is on hand to ensure ... READ MORE

MEPs Adopt More Robust Asbestos Exposure Laws

This entry was posted on 28 September, 2023.

At OHSS, we bring you articles like this one to educate and highlight the ongoing threat presented by asbestos exposure. Today, we offer news from the EU that will result in workers being better protected from ACMs than ever before. New requirements have been ... READ MORE

Why & When Do I Need to Notify the HSA About Asbestos Work?

This entry was posted on 01 September, 2023.

The dangers associated with asbestos removal and disposal are significant, with just a single inhalation of airborne fibres having potentially lethal consequences. Asbestosis and mesothelioma are just two of the possible outcomes when a person is not given ... READ MORE