Air Quality Monitoring & HSE Covid-19 Recommendations

12 Nov 2020

Air Quality Monitoring & HSE Covid-19 Recommendations

The concept of air quality monitoring is not a new one, but it is one that is still very pertinent in the sphere of health and occupational safety, particularly due to the rise of Covid-19. Its practice is very much with health and safety in work in mind, as it ensures that interior air quality is kept safe from toxins and airborne pathogens.

The general advice from the HSE suggests that HVAC systems are not a leading cause of the spread of COVID-19. However, poor ventilation can, as it is said to increase transmission risk by helping the virus spread over bigger distances through droplets.

General recommendations from the HSE

In addition to regular air quality monitoring, the HSE offers general recommendations to ensure the safety of occupants of public and commercial buildings. 

These safety regulations include:

  • Maintaining a minimum distance of 2m

  • Home working to be allowed wherever possible

  • Avoidance of occupants gathering in crowds

  • The provision of visible guidance material to these measures

  • The adherence to government guidance on face-mask use

Workplace health and safety is a hot topic in the current climate and at OHSS, our air quality monitoring and occupational hygiene services help to keep employees safe while they work - the very minimum they should expect. 

Occupational Safety Services from OHSS
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