Asbestos Found at Military Camp Used to House Ukrainian Refugees

30 Nov 2023

Asbestos Found at Military Camp Used to House Ukrainian Refugees

We regularly bring you asbestos-related news at OHSS to demonstrate that it's still a material that presents a considerable risk, despite being banned in construction at the end of the 1990s. Today we bring you another story about asbestos from the Irish media concerning the Gormanston military camp in County Meath. 

Used by the government to house refugees arriving from Ukraine last year, the camp saw hundreds of tents being erected on the site. This temporary location was also used to home international protection applicants, but many were unhappy with the standard of accommodation - which was later found to contain asbestos. 

Asbestos Survey Discovered The Material
The building in question has been vacant since the mid-1990s and, since then, had been 'locked and sealed'. When refugees arrived at the camp, it was deemed strictly off-limits. 

An asbestos survey was performed last February after a former HQ building had been demolished on the camp, and asbestos traces were found in bricks and concrete slabs where it once stood and was said to pose a ‘medium risk’ - the 2nd highest level. 

This survey was performed by an occupational health & safety expert who stated that the slabs would need to be disposed of sensitively, and a recommendation was made to stop any further demolition work until these materials have been removed. 

Asbestos Still Represents a Danger to Life 

This news article is yet another example of how asbestos removal is still as topical as it ever has been. The deadly material can still be found in millions of properties across Ireland, and as such, any encounter with it needs to be made with the utmost caution. 

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