Asbestos Safety & Management Reference Materials & Resources

5 Jul 2021

Asbestos Safety & Management Reference Materials & Resources

Asbestos represents the biggest workplace health and safety threat in existence and it has been for decades. Heralded as a ‘wonder material’ during the 60s and 70s, it’s something that you’ll still find in homes and business premises across Ireland. This means that despite its banning at the end of the last century in construction, it’s still something building owners need to be acutely aware of. 

When any renovation or demolition works occur, it’s paramount that asbestos regulations are adhered to - to the letter, for the sake of everyone in the vicinity. Asbestos surveys and air quality monitoring are just two of the measures used to keep both staff and the public safe.

A Comprehensive Selection of Resources
The main purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the comprehensive library of resources available that covers everything you might need to know about this most dangerous of materials. Containing diverse information ranging from HSE guidance documents to the obligations of Irish businesses when encountering asbestos, it can be a very helpful resource to refer to. 

The consequences of not paying enough attention to asbestos during renovation and demolition works  is illustrated by the US lawsuit against companies failing to put the proper measures into place, with Attorney General Healey stating “We will hold accountable people and companies who violate the laws intended to protect the public from this dangerous material.

Need Asbestos Abatement Assistance?
If after looking through our wide-ranging asbestos resources, you still have questions that need answering or you suspect that you may have asbestos in your premises, you can get in touch with us for assistance by calling us on 01 6905907. It really doesn’t pay to take chances, so if you’re unsure in any way about how to proceed, it’s important to let the experts take over.

If, however, you’d like to know more about us and the full range of asbestos abatement and occupational hygiene services we provide, take a look around our website where you’ll find what you need to know, as well as case studies of projects we’ve been involved with in the past.