Chemical Safety & Exposure Monitoring Expertise from OHSS

15 Sep 2021

Chemical Safety & Exposure Monitoring Expertise from OHSS

At OHSS, we are the health and safety in work experts and we use our extensive knowledge and experience to protect people and businesses across Ireland. Part of the many workplace health and safety matters we deal with are the chemical safety and exposure monitoring services we provide.

What is chemical safety exposure monitoring? Well, it’s just what it sounds like, but what’s involved is far more complex than the term might suggest. We’ll explain more about what it entails in a moment, but it’s essentially a measure that helps companies across Ireland to comply with occupational safety regulations.

So, What’s Involved?
Most companies deal with chemicals of some kind, whether it’s part of their main business or simply due to their cleaning equipment inventory. The work our occupational health team does involves a comprehensive service that includes risk assessments, chemical consultancy and training. 

Whatever your chemical management needs are, the OHSS team can assist in the creation of programs that keep risk at an absolute minimum and prevent exposure. Here’s what we can assist with when we’re carrying out our chemical safety consultancy role…

  • Assist in helping your company to comply with all safety regulations

  • Determine risk of employee exposure

  • Identify toxic and corrosive chemical hazards

  • Review all storage matters

  • Monitor exposure levels

  • Calculate the number of exposed personnel

Once we’ve determined the status of exposure, our team will then record their findings and recommend the most appropriate control measures. This offers real peace of mind for business owners worried about the day-to-day welfare of their employees.

Let the Workplace Health & Safety Experts Help You
This is just one small aspect of the much wider job of occupational hygiene and the OHSS experts can provide you with help on every aspect. If you would like to know more about us and how we’ve been investing in the community and supporting Irish Industry for over 20 years, take a look at our website

Alternatively, should you need any assistance with any occupational health matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team of advisors is available by calling us on 01 6905907 today.