Ergonomic Assessments from OHSS Safety Consultants

15 Jul 2020

Ergonomic Assessments from OHSS Safety Consultants

At OHSS Health and Safety Consultants Ireland, everything we do is with healthy and safety at work in mind. We bring you blogs like this one as part of our ongoing mission to educate people about workplace safety. By providing honest and impartial advice, we ensure that no one has to suffer ill health or injury whilst doing their job.

We’ve covered many topics surrounding safety regulations in our blogs, from hazard identification to occupational health. However, in this one, we look at ergonomic assessments and what their purpose is. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

So, What are Ergonomic Assessments?

In the field of workplace health and safety, ergonomic assessments focus on the interaction that occurs between machine and man in the workplace setting. Specifically, it focuses on providing adequate training to employees and the provision of the optimum working environment.

When poor working procedures and bad design exist in the workplace, it can lead to frustrated and overworked employees and the net result is lower productivity. Ergonomic assessments employ a science that seeks to remove potential risks that result in injuries and improve processes to maximise productivity and safety in the workplace.

Improving Your Bottom Line

At OHSS, we understand the effect that these factors have on your bottom line and we ensure that all ergonomic factors are analysed to rectify poor work design and ensure that your workers are able to thrive. The improvements that we can help you to make allow your teams to reach their full potential and your company to be competitive in the marketplace.

Our expertise in the occupational health field allows us to ensure:

  • An improved quality of work

  • A reduction in potential absenteeism and injury

  • A reduction in compensation claims made against your company

  • Legal compliance is maintained

  • No costly errors are made when purchasing equipment

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