Government Pays Out Over £40m For Asbestos Illness Since 2011

23 Dec 2022

Government Pays Out Over £40m For Asbestos Illness Since 2011

We regularly bring you blogs relating to news stories that show the fact that asbestos remains as dangerous to public health as ever. We bring you further confirmation that the work of asbestos abatement firms is far from over with BBC News NI revealing that over £40m in compensation has been paid out for asbestos-related illnesses since 2011. 

The majority of these claims are linked to Belfast's shipbuilding industry, which at its height employed in excess of 30,000 workers. As the famed shipyard best known for building the ill-fated Titanic back in 1911, 1500 former employees of Harland & Wolff have received payouts in the decade between 2011 and 2021. 

Widely Used in Shipbuilding in the 20th Century

Until its banning from construction in the 1990s, asbestos had been widely used in shipbuilding. Due to the sheer number of people involved, a compensation scheme was set up by the Department for Communities (DfC) from which people can claim a one-time lump-sum payment if they haven't received payment previously from a civil claim or employer. 

To date, over £35m has been paid out to those in the shipbuilding industry. In addition to those affected when working in the shipbuilding sector, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show that £5.8m has also been awarded via the aforementioned scheme to 378 people during the same period. 

An Ongoing Battle Against the Deadly Material 

Stories like this one simply serve to show the damage that asbestos can cause. Inhaling just one invisible, deadly fibre can be enough to result in a range of major lung conditions, including mesothelioma. As such, we're dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers, as well as educating and supporting businesses on asbestos regulations and how to stay safe.

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