How Should I Go About Removing Asbestos From a Property?

4 Oct 2021

How Should I Go About Removing Asbestos From a Property?

If you’re planning any demolition or renovation works on a property, then the chances are, the property was originally built before the asbestos ban. This means that before any work can commence, the asbestos surveyors need to be called in.

The issue with asbestos containing materials (ACMs) is that they can be lethal when any of the invisible airborne fibres are inhaled. There’s no discomfort at the point of exposure, but the very real spectre of mesothelioma can rear its head much further down the line.

So, What Are Asbestos Surveys For?
There is a requirement to carry out surveys of this kind and for very good reason. The asbestos surveys we’re talking about are implemented to identify its existence and the amount of the material that needs to be removed. It’s not guaranteed that it will need to be removed, as it’s often safer to leave it in situ.

When an untrained contractor attempts asbestos removal and disposal, it puts everyone in the vicinity in immediate danger. The likelihood is that in this case, the requisite safety measures like air fibre monitoring aren’t going to be carried out, meaning that people’s lives are put at risk.

This is why contacting an asbestos abatement company like ourselves is not just a good idea, but the right thing to do in law. Also, if you see improper asbestos removal occurring, you should notify the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) immediately. 

Get In Touch With the OHSS Experts Today
Before starting renovation or demolition work on any established property, your first call should be to the OHSS team to arrange your asbestos surveys. It’s the only way to be sure that everyone involved in the project is protected against the obvious dangers.

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