Occupational Health and Safety Courses

11 Dec 2021

Occupational Health and Safety Courses

There are many occupational hazards in the workplace and businesses need to address these concerns of health and safety. Testing for the presence of toxic materials like asbestos is an important part of the process. When asbestos containing materials are disturbed or damaged, the chance of airborne asbestos fibres increases the risk of direct exposure. In order to identify airborne asbestos, it is best to measure the level of fibre concentrations through air samples. Licensed consultants in Ireland recommend that businesses implement occupational health and safety courses to ensure a high level of safety protocols.

Work-related health and safety programs can deliver extensive and vital training. Courses are designed to offer planning, analysis and decision-making techniques workers need to refine safety procedures in the modern business environment. They help provide a review of the principles and best practices in relation to the management of hazardous materials and waste in the workplace. If asbestos is a potential threat in the workplace, quality air and fibre analysis can help ensure the occupants of older structures and buildings with any remaining asbestos containing materials are protected.

With the continuing threat of asbestos containing materials found in many older buildings, utilising the help of expert asbestos contractors can offer effective training methods. Occupational health and safety courses can provide a company more assurance their workers are prepared to handle the risks. If asbestos is a known risk or a site survey is needed we can provide the professional help needed to ensure the situation is handled according to all regulations and to prevent health and safety hazards.