Occupational Hygiene Services Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments

20 Oct 2020

Occupational Hygiene Services Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments

When attempting to manage health and safety in work environments, it’s crucial to fully comprehend how important work risk assessments are to workplace health and safety. Workplace hazards are deemed as elements that can cause ill health or harm and can range from properly ventilated rooms to the dangerous paradigm that is asbestos.

In order to help in this regard, the experienced OHSS health and occupational safety team can help your business to highlight any risks that exist in your workplace and instruct you on how you can stay compliant with all known safety regulations. They do this by helping to support you as you organise your own work risk assessments.

Highly Useful Occupational Safety Tools
In the field of occupational health, risk assessments and hazard identification are both very useful tools in the prevention of occupant harm and management of workplace safety. Danger can occur in many ways and it’s often tricky to fully understand what actually counts as a ‘risk’.

The good news is that the OHSS occupational hygiene experts are able to implement training in risk assessment and auditing to allow your own team to adopt an every-day risk-preventing methodology and in a way that best suits you as a company.

Talk to the Experts and Keep Your Workforce Safe
When you engage with OHSS - Irish workplace safety consultants, we can help you identify and implement the control measures that will help with productivity, whilst also lowering the risk of injury or ill health that can lead to expensive compensation claims. Whichever way it’s viewed, safety is the least your employees should expect when they come to work.

If you would like to learn more about the work we do to keep Ireland safe, head over to our website www.ohss.ie where you’ll find our comprehensive range of occupational hygiene services. However, if you need some expert advice on anything relating to workplace safety, you can call our friendly experts on 01 6905907 and they’ll be delighted to help.