OHSS - Providing COVID-19 Services & Support Across Ireland

30 Jul 2021

OHSS - Providing COVID-19 Services & Support Across Ireland

At OHSS, we’ve been providing Irish businesses with health and occupational safety services for twenty years and the last two or so have given rise to unprecedented challenges. Covid-19 has forced employers to focus on implementing the measures required to restrict exposure to customers and staff, which means that occupational hygiene assessments are as important as they’ve ever been. 

While lockdowns have eased somewhat, the Coronavirus still represents a major threat and we are able to use our expertise and experience in the occupational safety field to help organisations to navigate these new challenges, as well as advising on pre-existing threats. 

Managing Exposure, Minimising Risk
Our team can guide you through the whole process, by conducting risk assessments and implementing preventative methodologies in a way that works best for your company. The following measures can be used to ensure the well-being and health of your workforce is protected.

The expertise we have in this field includes the following

  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments

  • Biological Agents Assessments

  • Chemical Safety & Exposure Monitoring

  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Workplace Safety Statements

  • Work from Home Assessments

Covid-19 has presented certain challenges, for sure, but the principles of occupational hygiene remain the same and our team can give you the guidance you need to prevent the spread of the virus.

What You Can Do To Minimise Transmission
There are some simple measures companies can implement in the workplace to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 and they include:

  • Regularly washing hands properly with alcohol hand sanitizer or soap and water

  • Keep employees at least 2 metres (6.5 feet) away from each other

  • Properly ventilating the workplace with fresh air

  • Ensuring any used tissues are placed into a bin

  • Implementing face covering policies for all personnel

  • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces used communally

Wherever you can, follow government guidance on the transmission of Covid-19, however, for more comprehensive detailed advice get in touch with expert workplace safety professionals.

Get In Touch With Our Experts Today
So, if you require any sort of help or guidance with your occupational hygiene or Covid-19-related needs, our experts are on hand to assist. Whether relating to hazard identification or employee safety, our workplace safety consultants can provide help and you can get in contact by calling us on 01 6905907.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about us as a company and the honest and impartial advice we offer to our clients, visit us online at www.ohss.ie today.