OHSS - The Importance of ATAC Accreditation with Asbestos Contractors

22 Jun 2017

OHSS - The Importance of ATAC Accreditation with Asbestos Contractors

If you are in the position of requiring assistance from a registered asbestos abatement consultancy, then choosing the right company is vital. When dealing with a material as deadly as asbestos, you need to know that you and your employees are in the best possible hands.


For this reason, the Asbestos Testing and Consultancy (ATaC) accreditation was formed by the industry trade association carrying the same name, so as to differentiate those with and without the correct skills and training to safely assess, remove and dispose of asbestos.


The requirement was born out of necessity, as the control of asbestos in any environment is comparable to other types of toxic waste and would naturally lead to fewer incidents where anyone is exposed to airborne fibres and the potential fatal diseases that are associated with it.




The primary role of ATaC is raise standards of asbestos consultancies across the world, by establishing operational guidelines and the minimum standards expected when asbestos is present. ATaC has performed this most vital of roles for over 20 years now and has no doubt saved countless lives as a result.


At OHSS in Ireland, we carry the ATaC accreditation, having been fully vetted prior to becoming a member of the body. One prerequisite of acquiring membership is already being INAB/UKAS accredited for the asbestos services they perform. We have been a member now since 2011.


Which all means that when you come to us, you know that everything we do has the safety of you and your staff at its highest priority. A reassuring thing to know, wouldn’t you agree?


If you would like to know more about asbestos abatement and its importance in the modern workplace, please call us on 01 6905907 or visit our website www.ohss.ie for further information.


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