“How Do I Get Rid of Asbestos?” Advice On Asbestos Removal from OHSS

This entry was posted on 13 June, 2018.

If you find yourself in the position that you’ve discovered asbestos either in your home or at your workplace, it’s important that you instantly understand the gravity of the situation. Asbestos is an insidious, dangerous material that when disturbed ... READ MORE

External Agencies with Responsibility for Asbestos in Ireland

This entry was posted on 22 May, 2018.

At OHSS Safety Consultants, we are the foremost Occupational Hygiene and Safety consultancy in the country with a focus on training programs to help employers and employees to stay safe and productive in the workplace. Now, as much as we’d like to spend the ... READ MORE

Irish Asbestos News - Laios Village Water Supply Works Improves Security

This entry was posted on 04 May, 2018.

Many people believe that as asbestos regulations have prohibited the use of the substance in construction and manufacturing for over 20 years, that the problem is one that no longer exists. At OHSS Safety Consultants, we know that asbestos removal and disposal is ... READ MORE

Occupational Hygiene Service Ergonomic Assessments from OHSS

This entry was posted on 27 April, 2018.

At OHSS Safety Consultants, we are well known for our work we do in the field of asbestos abatement and asbestos removal, as well as our expertise and knowledge of asbestos regulations. However, this is only part of what we do, which extends much further out in ... READ MORE

Asbestos News - A Story Highlighting the Clear and Present Danger that Asbestos Still Poses

This entry was posted on 06 April, 2018.

If ever there was a story that illustrated the fact that asbestos still poses a major danger to human health in the modern day, it is the tale of a young family in Littleton, Colorado who ended up losing everything thanks to the deadly, carcinogenic material being ... READ MORE

Asbestos Has Been Banned...Right?

This entry was posted on 02 April, 2018.

It has long been the widely held view that asbestos has been banned in the world of industry due to its highly toxic nature and this is backed up by the fact that asbestos companies like ours exist to make managing the substance safe for everyone concerned. ... READ MORE

An Overview of Asbestos and The Risks that Exposure Poses

This entry was posted on 16 March, 2018.

Occurring naturally as a soft, fibrous mineral, asbestos is the most deadly substance existing in the modern built environment. Able to be manipulated and resistant to chemical corrosion, electricity and extreme heat, it was once used on such a large scale that ... READ MORE

Post Brexit US Trade Deal Raises Asbestos Fears in the UK

This entry was posted on 15 March, 2018.

The prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the EU carries a lot of expected changes in border policies, trade agreements and a whole host of different aspects of daily life. What couldn’t have been anticipated however, is that the withdrawal could be of ... READ MORE

Using AI in the Detection of Asbestos

This entry was posted on 05 March, 2018.

The task of asbestos abatement is a tricky one, not least because of the fact that the most dangerous aspect to this known carcinogen are the airborne fibres that are not visible with the naked eye. Neither do they carry an odour that can be used to identify its ... READ MORE

Asbestos Safety Experts in the Workplace

This entry was posted on 22 February, 2018.

The dangers to health that exist when dealing with asbestos in commercial properties are well documented, which is why it is so important that you seek professional help if you believe it is present in your own workplace. It may look fine, but the most harmful ... READ MORE