Air Quality Monitoring in Ireland

This entry was posted on 23 September, 2016.

Air quality monitoring is important for several reasons. First, monitoring your air quality is important for the health of your employees. Air pollution can have many different effects on your employee's health, depending on what they are exposed to. Headaches, ... READ MORE

Risk Assessment Training in Ireland

This entry was posted on 22 September, 2016.

Your employees will usually be the people most familiar with your workplace and they are the people who will most likely be the first to note a risky situation, but they can only do this if they know what they are looking for. Proper risk assessment training for ... READ MORE

What you should know about Asbestos in Ireland

This entry was posted on 19 September, 2016.

Asbestos is found in many buildings in Ireland, and it poses a serious health risk. However, many ship builders in Ireland were exposed to asbestos for many years. There was a lot of exposure during World War Two. Workers were exposed to asbestos from boilers, ... READ MORE

Proper Health and Safety Training in Ireland

This entry was posted on 15 September, 2016.

There are many aspects to ensuring you have accessed the proper health and safety training in Ireland. The training your employees will need can vary based on your industry. Our Occupational Safety Training course is designed to make any workplace safer by ... READ MORE

Health and Safety Authority Asbestos Guidelines

This entry was posted on 02 September, 2016.

The Health and Safety Authority has many guidelines to protect people from the dangers of asbestos. Some of these guidelines pertain to Risk Assessment of Asbestos Containing Materials. All employers, including those that are self-employed, must identify any ... READ MORE

Building Sites Thought to be Contaminated With Asbestos

This entry was posted on 01 September, 2016.

One of the latest Asbestos news stories in Ireland involves the Ballinclare Quarry in Wicklow. Testing at the Ballinclare Quarry last month revealed the presence of asbestos in rock from the quarry. While asbestos is generally thought of as a man-made problem, the ... READ MORE

Chemical Safety in Dublin: What Employers Need to Know

This entry was posted on 31 August, 2016.

Many businesses, especially those involved in manufacturing, have chemicals that can pose health risks to employees. There are a few different types of chemicals that you should be aware of, so you can keep your employees safe. Some chemicals are brought into ... READ MORE

Asbestos Removal on Construction Sites

This entry was posted on 23 August, 2016.

If you work in the construction industry, it is important for you to understand the process of remove asbestos from a construction site and the importance of adhering to this process. Asbestos is a dangerous substance, especially after it is removed or ... READ MORE

Asbestos Found at Bonfire Site

This entry was posted on 12 August, 2016.

Asbestos was recently found at the Co Tyrone bonfire site. It was being stored for an Eleventh Night bonfire. Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material, and there are strict regulations regarding the disposal of the material. Burning the asbestos would ... READ MORE

Asbestos Companies and Their Duty in Ireland in 2016

This entry was posted on 22 July, 2016.

Asbestos companies have a duty and responsibility to help the people of Ireland manage the problem of asbestos. They do this in a few ways. Education Asbestos companies must educate others in the dangers of asbestos. People also need to know how to identify ... READ MORE