How to Remove Asbestos from Residential & Commercial Properties

This entry was posted on 22 February, 2023.

With many residential and commercial properties in Ireland still known to contain asbestos, it’s important that when someone comes across any, they know what to do - for the sake of their health and everyone in the locality. Asbestos companies are very busy ... READ MORE

Vibrations Analysis & Noise Measurement Services From OHSS

This entry was posted on 08 February, 2023.

At OHSS, we’ve been helping businesses across Ireland with all matters relating to health and safety in work for two decades now, covering everything from asbestos consultation to occupational health. Today we’re here to tell you about the services we ... READ MORE

UK Company Fined £200k for failing to Safeguard the Health & Safety of Workers

This entry was posted on 23 January, 2023.

At OHSS, we regularly bring you blogs like this one that focuses on the ongoing battle to protect people from the dangers of asbestos. However, as you'll find out from reading on, planning and supervision when dealing with the deadly material are ... READ MORE

Asbestos Discovery Causes Disruption For School in the UK Serves as a Warning that Asbestos is still present in Many Buildings in Ireland

This entry was posted on 09 January, 2023.

We often bring you blogs like this one that highlights the dangers of asbestos and the need to take the appropriate measures when it's discovered. Today, we bring you a new story about an Essex school that's had to go to great lengths to protect its ... READ MORE

Government Pays Out Over £40m For Asbestos Illness Since 2011

This entry was posted on 23 December, 2022.

We regularly bring you blogs relating to news stories that show the fact that asbestos remains as dangerous to public health as ever. We bring you further confirmation that the work of asbestos abatement firms is far from over with BBC News NI revealing that over ... READ MORE

Risk Assessment Training Services In Ireland For 2023

This entry was posted on 02 December, 2022.

At OHSS, we are experts in safety in the workplace, offering a range of services that cover occupational hygiene, safety regulations and work risk assessments. It's the latter we talk to you about today, with a focus on risk assessment training for yourself and ... READ MORE

Asbestos Identified in the Majority of Northern Ireland's Schools

This entry was posted on 29 November, 2022.

At OHSS, we regularly bring you blogs like this one that highlight the dangers of asbestos that still remain despite the material being banned in construction in the late 1990s. Today, we're here with a worrying discovery made about schools in Northern Ireland ... READ MORE

Asbestos News: €100m Center Parcs Longford Expansion Placed on Hold

This entry was posted on 14 November, 2022.

At OHSS, we have been helping to keep the Irish public safe from workplace hazards since 2001, with our expertise in asbestos abatement and occupational hygiene being second to none. Today, we bring you a story that relates to a hold-up in proposed expansion works ... READ MORE

Asbestos the Material & Why Protection Against It Is Needed

This entry was posted on 24 October, 2022.

Despite being outlawed in construction over 20 years ago, it is still one of the biggest workplace killers in existence. This highly dangerous material is known to lead to fatal illnesses, with 78% of all occupational cancers in the EU being associated with ... READ MORE

Builder Tells Couple Told to Paint Over ACM-Containing Wallpaper

This entry was posted on 03 October, 2022.

At OHSS, we offer assistance to anyone dealing with asbestos, ensuring that everyone in the vicinity is protected from what can be a deadly substance. Today, we bring you another story that highlights that the work of asbestos abatement companies is far from over ... READ MORE