The Hidden Asbestos Dangers

This entry was posted on 19 August, 2019.

At OHSS Safety Consultants, we regularly deal with asbestos abatement issues for our many clients and awareness of the inherent danger of unlicensed asbestos removal and disposal is thankfully becoming much greater. However, in this blog, we look at an area of ... READ MORE

Asbestos and Why Great Care Should be Taken During Home Renovations

This entry was posted on 15 July, 2019.

  If you’re about to carry out some home renovations, you have to ask yourself one question - “Is my home likely to contain asbestos?” The fact is that asbestos companies are extremely busy these days carrying out asbestos surveys, asbestos ... READ MORE

Asbestos News - in the UK NHS Employees Exposed to Asbestos

This entry was posted on 17 June, 2019.

Asbestos abatement is an ongoing effort across the world, despite many thinking of the issues surrounding the deadly material being firmly in the past. This was illustrated recently in a case in the UK, that came before Telford Magistrates Court in the West ... READ MORE

In The UK More than 200 Teachers Have Died from Asbestos Inhalation

This entry was posted on 23 May, 2019.

A recently published study has shown that despite stringent asbestos regulations being in place to protect building users, almost 2,500 people each year are still losing their lives due to this silent killer across the UK. Most worryingly of all, over the last ... READ MORE

US EPA Announces Near Total Ban on Importing and Manufacturing of Asbestos

This entry was posted on 16 May, 2019.

In a major move this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States has announced that with immediate effect, a near-total ban on the importing and manufacturing of asbestos is in place. According to the EPA’s assistant administrator, ... READ MORE

Real-time Asbestos Fibre Detection from the Harley Scientific Fibre Check

This entry was posted on 23 April, 2019.

In order to protect people during asbestos removal and disposal works, asbestos abatement companies conduct both asbestos surveys and real-time airborne fibre monitoring. This requires the use of specialised electronic monitoring equipment which is far quicker ... READ MORE

Thousands of Avoidable Asbestos Exposure Cases Still Occurring, According to Survey

This entry was posted on 19 April, 2019.

According to a recent survey that was funded by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), a significant number of companies and contractors are still not adhering to basic asbestos regulations, despite the danger to life presented by the improper ... READ MORE

Asbestos - The Material That Still Represents Danger in 2019

This entry was posted on 19 March, 2019.

Despite being banned from use in construction back at the end of the 1990s, asbestos represents a considerable danger to health today. That’s because it was used so widely in construction during the decades leading up to the ban that it still exists in vast ... READ MORE

Asbestos Removal Management from OHSS Safety Consultants

This entry was posted on 07 March, 2019.

In terms of occupational hazards, there is no bigger killer than asbestos and it’s a substance that is still harming people every single day. This is, in part, due to the lack of awareness of the seriousness of the presence of asbestos, which often results ... READ MORE

Only 77% of England’s Schools Reporting Asbestos Conditions By the Required Date

This entry was posted on 15 February, 2019.

In a worrying turn of events, the UK’s public accounts committee (PAC) has produced a report relating to asbestos abatement activities in schools across England. The report states that over 23% of those schools did not meet the May 2017 deadline for ... READ MORE