Asbestos : The Invisible Enemy that Hasn’t Gone Away

This entry was posted on 03 May, 2021.

At OHSS, we’re on a mission to educate the Irish public about the fact that despite being banned at the turn of the century, asbestos still represents a major danger to the health of anyone who comes into contact with it. Today we bring you another news ... READ MORE

Asbestos News : Contractor Set to Be Sentenced in Dublin

This entry was posted on 19 April, 2021.

At OHSS, we regularly bring you blogs like this one to educate our readers about the dangers of asbestos exposure. In this particular article, we look at the fact that despite all the warnings, some building professionals still aren’t giving the matter due ... READ MORE

Asbestos Abatement - Reference Materials & Resources

This entry was posted on 08 April, 2021.

Asbestos removal and disposal represents a very real and present danger to anyone who owns or works in a business premises in Ireland. Despite being banned from use in construction in 1998, asbestos is still the biggest killer in the workplace, so building owners ... READ MORE

Home Working Risk Assessments in 2021

This entry was posted on 23 February, 2021.

At OHSS, we are occupational safety consultants and we’ve been protecting Irish businesses for over two decades. In this blog, we look at the responsibilities employers have in the home-working environment which has become commonplace due to social ... READ MORE

Ergonomic Assessments - Protecting Your Employees

This entry was posted on 16 February, 2021.

When dealing with the task of maintaining health and safety in work, there are many things that can be done to achieve it. One such method is the ergonomic assessment, which concerns itself with how employees interact with their working ... READ MORE

New Asbestos Safety Training in 2021 from OHSS Safety Consultants

This entry was posted on 18 January, 2021.

At OHSS, we’re experienced in all aspects of asbestos removal and disposal consultation and we frequently offer training in accordance with all known asbestos regulations. We’re here to tell you that for 2021 we’re offering Asbestos Awareness and ... READ MORE

Should You Replace Asbestos Ceilings Before Selling Up?

This entry was posted on 11 January, 2021.

At OHSS Safety consultants we often get asked for our advice about asbestos removal and disposal in our capacity as workplace safety advisors. One particular question that we get asked relates to what to do if you know for a fact that you have asbestos in your ... READ MORE

Asbestos Legislation Guidance - Your Responsibilities under the Irish Law

This entry was posted on 28 December, 2020.

At OHSS Safety Consultants, we have been helping to protect businesses against the dangers of asbestos for almost twenty years. We create blogs like this one to help educate our readers on the damage that the material can cause and how to spot it when you see ... READ MORE

Paul Foran Explains the dangers of Asbestos on Newstalk's The Hard Shoulder

This entry was posted on 17 December, 2020.

Paul Foran Managing Director OHSS  Ireland's Leading Asbestos Specialists speaks on Newstalk's The Hard Shoulder explaining exactlywhat asbestos is and how dangerous it is. The interview was conducted following an event in Sligo where a small number of houses ... READ MORE

OHSS Safety Consultants - Providing COVID-19 Services & Support to Irish Businesses

This entry was posted on 09 December, 2020.

RECENT IMPACTS ON BUSINESSESCovid-19 has changed a lot of things in the months since the crisis began and nowhere is this felt more acutely than in the workplace. In order to remain operational, employers are now obliged to implement measures to protect customers ... READ MORE