Ventilation & Covid-19 and Is Air Quality Monitoring Needed?

19 Nov 2020

Ventilation & Covid-19 and Is Air Quality Monitoring Needed?

Health and safety in work has always been important, but minds have been focused further by the emergence of Covid-19. One particular aspect of health and occupational safety is ventilation, as good indoor air quality is a crucial part of keeping everyone comfortable and well.

Covid-19 was not something that was in the public consciousness as little as a year ago, but it’s become one of the biggest challenges that businesses face. That said, it is still unclear whether ventilation affects the transmission of the disease within any given business premises, as the airborne threat of the virus isn’t fully understood.

How Ventilation Affects Occupational Safety

Essentially, proper ventilation is a key element in health and occupational safety, as it’s concerned with the way in which external air enters the building. This can either be through artificial means i.e. by HVAC or through natural means, such as through an open window.

Whilst Covid is known to be passed on through direct contact with an infected person, it can also be passed on through sneezes and coughs over distances of less than 2 metres - hence the 2 metre social distancing rule. Also when droplets land on communal surfaces, this presents another potential way to spread the infection.

Air Quality Monitoring Is still Very Much Required
Until there is empirical proof that Coronavirus doesn’t pose an airborne threat, air quality monitoring would seem to be a wise measure to take to ensure that those inside the building remain safe and protected. That may change with further research, but at present, the only wise move is to remain cautious and monitor air quality. 

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