Asbestos Safety & Management

Exposure to asbestos is the biggest occupational health killer of our time.

OHSS advise on the dangers and management of asbestos in the workplace, in compliance with the law and help ensure all obligations and legal standards are met where building owners, employers, and contractors must obtain information about all asbestos containing materials in their facilities. 

OHSS are experts in developing the necessary Health and Safety management plans, for a workplace, to ensure that the presence of any asbestos containing materials are properly controlled and managed. Ultimately OHSS is dedicated to delivering superior services that ensure the health and safety of your property and the occupants within.

Why you should work with OHSS?

Our survey methods, analysis, quality management system and report format conform to the highest quality standards available.

What We do
When working at a third party’s workplace, employers and contractors must obtain information from the owner about ACM. We will ensure all obligations are met and provide all of he following required services:-

Asbestos Exposure Monitoring:
-We monitor employee exposures so that hazard-control measures are implemented to protect employees.
- We collect air samples which measure employee exposures in hazardous work activities.

Asbestos Surveying:
- We undertake inspection surveys of asbestos in buildings, and analyse asbestos in materials in accordance with legislation.
- We are experts on the legislation and guidelines surrounding ‘best practice’ in carrying out a survey for asbestos and assessing risk caused by its presence.

Asbestos Fibre Monitoring:
- We monitor sites to ensure asbestos fibre levels in the air are kept to a minimum, and within regulation guidelines. Air sampling and analysis will determine the potential risk of exposure, and compliance or otherwise with regulations.

Asbestos Risk Assessment:
- We work closely with facilities managers, architects and other professionals so that our ACM risk assessments meet your needs, and control related risks and liabilities.
- The key to successful asbestos risk assessment and management is accurate information and Our reports provide full documentation of the location, type, quantity and condition of Asbestos Conaining Materials. They include practical recommendations for compliance where applicable.

Asbestos Removal:
Safe asbestos removal and disposal are our priority and your health is of utmost importance. We constantly train so that we effectively manage the asbestos removal process:

1. Advice in the development of a design specification for the removal works
2. Selecting asbestos removal contractors
3. Monitoring the works carried out by the chosen contractor
4. Clearance testing once asbestos is removed

Who we work with:

About Us

OHSS was established in 2001 as an Occupational Health and Safety consultancy. Founder Paul Foran has extensive experience in the field, both as a consultant and as a former Inspector with the Health & Safety Authority (, where he formulated policy and legislation.

Our mission is to be the leading Occup
ational Hygiene and Safety consultancy in Ireland, and provide reputable tra

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The Many Ways In Which Asbestos Has Been Used

posted on 30 April, 2024

At OHSS, we're kept very busy by companies across Ireland wanting advice relating to safe asbestos removal and disposal. You might think that since the material was banned in construction in the late 90's, the need for asbestos abatement...

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Case Studies

Government Safety Authority

Asbestos exposure: Asbestos-containing materials were missed as part of a survey by another contractor. This was highlighted during a survey by OHSS. Our brief was safe removal of the material. Steps taken:    ...

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