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Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments concern the interface between man and the machine, or man and the working environment. It is concerned with the way people fit their work, and it aims to ensure proper training and an optimum environment for each individual workers. Poor design and working procedures can lead to overworked and frustrated workers. Designing the workplace with the worker in mind foremost helps to create and reinforce the most productive quality of work. If the limitations of your workforce are pushed, and causing your workers to become fatigued, your company’s production quality decreases.


Ergonomics is a science that looks to remove risk factors that lead to injuries, and improves work processes in order to increase quality and overall performance. With these improvements in labor, you can maximise safe and productive work practises, helping to cut potential for injury and subsequent compensation claims.

Providing your workers with more fitting jobs and implementing a better work experience will help to contribute to the company’s bottom line. This is where we can help.


- We can assess your company and the capabilities of your workforce and help you understand your current limitations, how to improve performance, and how to enforce control over any risk.


- We ensure that ergonomics are considered for all assessments and high standards are used for the best results. With poor work site design, the cost is likely lower productivity, poor quality performance, and possibly even injury. By making improvements in respect to how your workers thrive in their environment, you can ensure your company reaches its ideal potential and remains competitive in the marketplace.

•    Improve productivity and performance
•    Improve quality of work
•    Reduce potential for injury and absenteeism
•    Cut compensation claims
•    Save costly mistakes in equipment purchase
•    Help ensure legal compliance
•    Puts people first
•    Takes into account capabilities and limitations
•    Ensures tasks, systems and equipment suit each worker
•    Ensures information and environment match individual requirements
•    Serious repercussions for individuals and organisations
•    Upper limb disorders
•    Repetitive strain injuries
•    Carpel tunnel syndrome
•    Shoulder, back and wrist ache

At OHSS, we evaluate the whole environment and all factors involved to recommend the best control mechanisms for any risk and to help your company thrive.

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About Us

OHSS was established in 2001 as an Occupational Health and Safety consultancy. Founder Paul Foran has extensive experience in the field, both as a consultant and as a former Inspector with the Health & Safety Authority (www.hsa.ie), where he formulated policy and legislation.

Our mission is to be the leading Occup
ational Hygiene and Safety consultancy in Ireland, and provide reputable tra

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Occupational Hazards: Asbestos Exposure in Irish Industries

posted on 11 April, 2024

For obvious reasons, the handling of asbestos in Ireland is governed by strict legal frameworks laid down in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations of 2006. These regulations state that a comprehensive risk...

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Case Studies

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Asbestos Management: The client had houses throughout the city. Many of these were old and may have had asbestos-containing materials. Our brief was to find out if this was the case, and if so, remove the materials safely.  Steps taken:...

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