Asbestos Awareness Training & Low Risk Handling (revised in accordance with the HSA Guidance on ACM Management & Abatement 2013)

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Asbestos Awareness Training & Low Risk Handling (revised in accordance with the HSA Guidance on ACM Management and Abatement 2013).

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Location: Beat Centre, Balbriggan

This very successful 1 day course is intended for those required to deal with or who may come in contact with asbestos in their daily work including electricians, Plumbers, Roofers, Ground Workers, Demolition Workers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and building Surveyors

Designed in accordance with the requirement of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations and the new HSA Guidelines on ACM Management and Abatement which requires that, employers must provide appropriate training and adequate information for all employees who are, or are likely to be, exposed to asbestos-containing dust.

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By any standards, asbestos represents one of the major occupational hazards of our time. Despite this fact that many organisations, local authorities and other employers, have failed to identify asbestos materials in buildings and it continues to be inadvertently discovered on a regular basis. This not only puts workers and sometimes building occupants, at risk but may also result in breaches of legal requirements often culminating in successful prosecutions by the H.S.A.

In order to ensure that the risks from asbestos are controlled it is important that adequate procedures are in place to identify, assess and manage asbestos.

This 1 day course on Asbestos Awareness/Handling aims to increase participant’s awareness of asbestos and the correct handling measures to be used when working with asbestos cement products.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course participants will know:
• The different types of Asbestos and where they can be found
• The health effects caused by exposure to asbestos
• What is a survey and how to use it
• What a basic risk assessment is and the basic risk assessment techniques.
• What PPE is and how to use it safely and effectively.
• How Friable asbestos is removed
• The basic techniques of asbestos removal
• How Air monitoring is carried out and how the results relate to control limits
• Why a clearance assessment is carried out