Asbestos News: €100m Center Parcs Longford Expansion Placed on Hold

14 Nov 2022

Asbestos News: €100m Center Parcs Longford Expansion Placed on Hold

At OHSS, we have been helping to keep the Irish public safe from workplace hazards since 2001, with our expertise in asbestos abatement and occupational hygiene being second to none. Today, we bring you a story that relates to a hold-up in proposed expansion works at the Centerparks holiday resort near Ballymahon, Co Longford. 

The works at the 160-hectare facility include the enhancement of multiple outdoor sauna pods, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, a coffee shop and restaurant, as well additional staff facilities. However, the plans have been put on hold after an appeal by an environmental group known as Sustainability 2050. 

"Not Sufficiently Ambitions in Terms of Energy Efficiency"

The group claims that the plans were not sufficiently ambitious in terms of energy efficiency and emissions and do not identify a path to net zero compliance by the year 2050. Another objector to the plans was a Ballymahon resident who expressed concerns over a significant quantity of materials contaminated by asbestos buried in a nearby disused landfill. 

Closed in 1992, it is claimed by consultants acting on behalf of the appellant that the relevant asbestos risk assessments and asbestos surveys had not been carried out. As such, the risk posed to human health and the environment cannot yet be determined. 

A Centerparcs spokesperson had this to say on the matter - "Center Parcs has a long-standing and acknowledged track record of positively improving the natural environment of its woodland sites, enhancing biodiversity & safeguarding the forest through increased deciduous woodland cover and implementing well-informed management programmes and practices."

The case continues and a ruling by An Bord Pleanála with regard to the appeal by objectors is due by March of 2023. 

Highlighting the Danger Still Posed by Asbestos 

This latest asbestos-related story serves to show just how pervasive and ubiquitous the hazardous material still is, after almost a quarter of a century of being banned. As such, the OHSS team will continue to provide Irish businesses with expert advice on matters relating to asbestos monitoring, safe asbestos removal and asbestos regulations. 

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