Asbestos News : Contractor Set to Be Sentenced in Dublin

19 Apr 2021

Asbestos News : Contractor Set to Be Sentenced in Dublin

At OHSS, we regularly bring you blogs like this one to educate our readers about the dangers of asbestos exposure. In this particular article, we look at the fact that despite all the warnings, some building professionals still aren’t giving the matter due consideration, either because of a lack of awareness or professional competence.

The Dublin Circuit Criminal Court is set to sentence the building contractor in question for work that was carried out on June 23rd 2016 at Findlater House office building in Dublin. The crime is said to be a failure to ensure that a valid risk assessment was carried out before refurbishment work commenced. 

Workers Were Exposed
The matter was first discovered when one of the workers involved pulled down a ceiling tile that had an asbestos warning label attached to it. There had been other asbestos surveys carried out on other parts of the building the previous year, but it did not cover the area described in the court case. 

The exact details of the case are as yet unknown, with sentencing expected to occur in the near future. It’s certainly something that highlights the ongoing issue that threatens the lives of many people across Ireland. Asbestos remains a very serious problem that needs to be given due consideration wherever it’s found. 

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