Calls In the US For Major EPA Reform of Asbestos Regulations

25 Jan 2022

Calls In the US For Major EPA Reform of Asbestos Regulations

At OHSS, we provide guidance on the many safety aspects relating to asbestos identification, management and asbestos removal and disposal. We regularly bring you blogs like this one to educate and bring you news from the asbestos abatement world and here we bring you news of a call in the US for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to change the laws governing it. 

As is widely known, asbestos is one of the most toxic materials in the world, but despite this fact, hundreds of tons of raw asbestos is still imported every year into the US. Surprisingly, this deadly substance can still be found in children’s products like crayons, as well as in other items like talcum powder and car brakes. 

Older Homes & Schools Still Contain It

Asbestos can also be found in older school buildings and homes across the country (as is the case in Ireland), meaning that there still remains a significant threat to residents, workers and school children. This is illustrated by the fact that there are still tens of thousands of asbestos-related fatalities every year in America alone. 

The EPA attempted to ban asbestos years ago, however, their court case was ultimately unsuccessful, however, due to the reasons listed above, there are calls from a body known as Safer Chemicals for it to be completely banned in all its forms. With many other options available, it would seem to be the best cause of action to protect lives.

A total ban on new asbestos containing products already exists in Ireland and for good reason - as it’s strongly associated with a particularly virulent type of lung cancer called mesothelioma. Whether the US EPA follows suit is unclear, however, this illustrates that rather than being something that has been consigned to the history books, asbestos remains a major modern day threat. 

Let the OHSS Experts Keep Your Workforce Safe

You really can’t afford to take chances when you suspect that you’re in the presence of asbestos, which is why calling the experts is always the first and only thing you should do. It only takes a single airborne particle to prove fatal to anyone in the vicinity, so it’s best left alone for trained personnel to carry out the necessary asbestos surveys and monitoring.

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