Chemical Safety & Exposure Monitoring - Make sure you’re compliant

4 Apr 2017

Chemical Safety & Exposure Monitoring - Make sure you’re compliant

Becoming and staying compliant with chemical safety regulations is imperative to keep your workforce healthy and safe. Exposure to dangerous chemicals is entirely avoidable and it is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that everything is being done to keep everyone compliant.

Exposure Monitoring

At OHSS, we help companies plan and assess potential hazards of any work done with toxic chemicals. Laws exist relating to the storing and handling of hazardous materials for small, large scale enterprises and everything in between.

Continuous exposure monitoring is a must if your company works with chemicals on a regular basis. Obligated by law, businesses must make sure that all staff are trained to a sufficient level to carry out measures brought into place to minimise risk.

We have been assisting companies to manage site chemicals safely for over 15 years and our chemical safety consultants and trainers have a huge combined experience in a wide array of different working environments.

Our team will help you:

  • Help ensure compliance with regulations

  • Establish potential employee exposure risk

  • Determine the specific threats your chemicals pose

  • Analyse and optimise methods of storage

  • Monitor levels of exposure

  • Provide guidance on control measures

  • Document all findings

What substances are considered to be chemicals?

You may not even be aware that you have chemicals that need monitoring, as you might be surprised to know exactly what day to day items are subject to regulation.

The substances it covers are many and varied:

  • Glues, resins, cleaning agents and paints

  • Wood dust, welding fumes or solvent vapours

  • Waste products created during tooling

Chemical exposure can come from many sources. Anything that you wouldn’t normally want to breathe in is a potential risk. Whether it’s dust, any type of airborne particle or even diesel fumes, there are regulations to cover it.

If you think that you may have any of the substances listed above present on a regular basis at your place of work, we recommend giving us a call to arrange a risk assessment. With employee safety, it is always best to take a cautious attitude and act if you think a threat exists to anyone’s wellbeing.

To contact us at OHSS, you can either visit our website or call us on 01 6905907 and we can help you get on the road to becoming chemically safe and entirely compliant with all regulations.