Ergonomic Assessments - Protecting Your Employees

16 Feb 2021

Ergonomic Assessments - Protecting Your Employees

When dealing with the task of maintaining health and safety in work, there are many things that can be done to achieve it. One such method is the ergonomic assessment, which concerns itself with how employees interact with their working environment. 

Occupational safety is a specialism of ours at OHSS and we conduct these assessments to ensure that each worker has the optimum environment in which to thrive. Poor working procedures and training can result in frustrated or even ill employees, but when they’re addressed, companies get a workforce that simply works better.

What Are Ergonomics? 
The Science of ergonomics deals with the removal of the risk factors that result in injuries in the workplace and the implementation of measures that improve performance and quality. Not only does this lead to more productive workforces, but also fewer compensation claims. 

In terms of workplace health and safety, ergonomic work risk assessments help to achieve the their safety objectives, as well as:

  • Placing people as top priority

  • Accounting for limitations and capabilities

  • Ensuring that equipment, systems and tasks suit the workers involved

  • Ensuring that the environment and the information match the individual

Our team evaluates your entire operation and all the influencing factors during each ergonomic assessment and then recommends the optimum control mechanisms to minimise risk and help businesses thrive.

Experts In Health & Occupational Hygiene
At OHSS, we have 20 years of experience in helping businesses across Ireland to keep their workforces safe and run more profitably. If you would like to know more about ergonomic assessments or anything else related to workplace safety or safety regulations, visit us online at

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