Hazardous Waste - The Asbestos Lowdown

28 Aug 2018

Hazardous Waste - The Asbestos Lowdown

Asbestos removal and disposal carries enormous risk to those performing the task, due to the cancer causing fibres and dust that are created when asbestos is disturbed. Asbestos can also be found in a  less dangerous non-fibrous forms in things like cement, but whatever guise it takes, products containing asbestos should always be treated with care.

Where Can it Be Found?
In our role as asbestos abatement specialists, we conduct asbestos surveys in all types of buildings and we find it in industrial lagging, in insulating boards, in roofs, in tiles and even in walls. It has also been used as sprayed outer coating for various steel works and wall coverings. It’s fair to say that before its ban, it was used widely due to its fire retardant qualities.

What to Do If you Spot Some
According to current asbestos regulations, the best thing you can do is absolutely nothing. By that, we mean, don’t touch it or let anyone else touch it, unless of course they have the necessary asbestos removal accreditations required by law to do so.

Your first step should be contact a licensed asbestos disposal expert, like us at OHSS Safety Consultants, to ensure that every possible measure is taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved. It could be that the asbestos you’ve found is in good condition and it is safer to leave in place and manage it. However, this should be the call of the expert, not someone who isn’t qualified to make the decision.

A good source of information for all matters safety, is the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) website www.hsa.ie.

Safe Asbestos Disposal
It’s vitally important that asbestos is not only removed safely, but also disposed of at a licensed facility that is equipped to deal with it. The reason for this in an obvious one, as disposing of asbestos in an uncontrolled manner would be highly dangerous, but also because there are strict local authority guidelines that carry heavy fines for non compliance.

A list of suitable sites that are approved for asbestos disposal can be found via this link www.nwcpo.ie.

To find out know more about anything described here or to see the full range of occupational hygiene and asbestos abatement services we offer, please visit our website www.ohss.ie or give us a call on 01 6905907.