High Quality Occupational Safety Training in Ireland

29 Jun 2021

High Quality Occupational Safety Training in Ireland

At OHSS, we’ve been helping to protect Irish businesses and their staff for over 20 years. The occupational safety services we offer are designed to help companies work more safely while also minimising the chances of disease and injury.

In this blog, we talk briefly about occupational safety training that is a great way to make sure that everyone within an organisation is essentially on the same page. So, let’s see why that is and what benefits come from taking a course.

So, What IS Occupational Safety Training?

Fundamentally speaking, occupational safety training has two objectives and that’s to train people in how to recognise hazards in the workplace, teach about safety regulations and instill safe working practices into their everyday operations.

So, how do you benefit as a company by taking this training?

Well, in a very real sense, any company taking occupational health and safety training will get see real-world benefits to include:

  • A much reduced chance of employees becoming hurt or sick at work

  • A team that is proficient at hazard identification

  • A team that pulls together to keep everyone safe

  • A positive impact on your bottom line

Having taken a training course of this type with OHSS, your staff will know how to work more safely and it will all be documented. Your team will also have the knowledge to become your eyes and ears, bringing to your attention any health and safety risks or hazards that exist in your workplace.

Getting Your Team Trained Is Easy

So, if you would like to know more about us as a company, the training we provide or anything else, all you need to do is visit us online as www.ohss.ie. There you’ll find lots of information about our entire range of services from work risk assessments to asbestos abatement.

Alternatively, should you have any questions you’d like answering or you’d like to speak to us about booking some training, just give us a call on 01 6905907 today.