Home Working Risk Assessments - Work Equipment

18 May 2020

Home Working Risk Assessments - Work Equipment

At OHSS, we are experts in occupational hygiene and our team is able to help with regards to workplace health and safety. Whether talking about safety regulations or workplace risk management, we can certainly help. However, today, we look at a paradigm that’s unique to the 2020s - at least it is at the scale we’re currently experiencing - and that is home-working.

Specifically, we’re looking at work equipment used in the home-working setting and what needs to be provided by employers. We may not be working in the actual workplace right now, but many of the rules still apply.

Computer Workstations
As pretty much all work done that can be done in the home setting, we look at computer workstations, which need to be assessed as being legally compliant to ensure that working conditions at home are up to standard. This could relate to suitable posture-supporting seating, footrests, document holders and even supplemental lighting.

Electrical Equipment
Another important aspect of home working is the electrical equipment that’s used during the course of the work being carried out. This equipment, be it computer-related, shredders or indeed lighting, needs to be regularly maintained and PAT tested to ensure employee safety. Other electrical devices like extension cables also need to be provided to protect the employees home electrical sockets from becoming overloaded.

Training & Instruction
Another employee responsibility is the provision of training and instruction for any equipment or software being used as part of the employee’s work. In the current conditions this instruction will likely be provided remotely via telephone or video chat, but it needs to be legally given, again with a view to ensuring that employee safety is maintained.

There are clearly many challenges being faced right now, but employers need to meet their obligations - even if their employees are working away from the usual place of work. Safety in the workplace applies regardless of where the work is taking place.

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