How to Deal with Asbestos in Ireland

4 Aug 2017

How to Deal with Asbestos in Ireland

According to recent UK figures, it’s thought that around 2,000 lung cancer deaths each year can be  attributed to prolonged asbestos exposure.  The dangers of asbestos was unknown for decades, and during this time many builders, homeowners, and workers were exposed to asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that is dangerous to human health.

When carrying out any type of building work where there is a danger of asbestos materials may being present, we highly recommend contacting a professional asbestos surveyor to complete a professional asbestos survey. If the asbestos is found and needs to be removed the professional will ensure it is removed and disposed of safely while meeting all related asbestos removal and disposal legal requirements and regulations.

If you’ve already started building work and suspect asbestos is present, we urge you to stop all work immediately and get in touch with our service. Once again, we’ll assess the dangers and use specialized equipment to identify all asbestos within the building. With this material, it isn't just the removal that causes issues because asbestos disposal is just as important. In some cases, the asbestos will even be taken to facilities abroad.

In Ireland
the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has strict asbestos regulations regarding the safety of workers and the duty of care after identifying asbestos. Note: not all situations where asbestos has been found require removal because asbestos isn't dangerous in its natural state (only when disturbed and broken up). In some cases, a careful asbestos management program will be set up if it’s the safest option for all involved, which again your professional will provide you with to ensure your compliannce with the law and to ensure there is no risk to human health.