Irish Asbestos News: Foreman Fined After Asbestos Exposure

30 Sep 2022

Irish Asbestos News: Foreman Fined After Asbestos Exposure

Hello and welcome to the latest OHSS blog series in which we take a look at the practices, methods and news from the world of occupational hygiene and asbestos abatement. Today, we’re here to bring you an item from the Irish news that illustrates that not everyone is taking the necessary measures required to protect people from the dangers of asbestos. 

Site Foreman Fined €12,500

The news article in question states that foreman, Dennis McAuliffe, has been fined €12,500 for failing to tell two members of staff working on a city centre building site that asbestos - the #1 workplace killer - was present. This led to unnecessary exposure to the deadly material during refurbishment works in 2016 at Findlater House on Cathal Brugha Street.

Mr McAuliffe from Killnaswalla, Negah in County Tipperary, pleaded guilty to the charge of risking the health, welfare and safety of persons during proceeding at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. Also giving evidence during the case was Frank Kearns, an authorised Health & Safety Authority (HSA) inspector. 

Asbestos Warning Sticker Found 

During the court case, it was stated that an asbestos warning sticker located under a roof tile was found, but not until the team involved had already removed around 80% of them. Upon discovering the sticker, the two employees mentioned informed Mr McAuliffe and proceeded to walk off the site. 

In total, there were around fifty square metres of titles, which had been in place since the 1970s. As such, they were created from a composite material that was high in asbestos. Exposure to the kind of dust that was created during their removal can be extremely serious, with problems remaining latent for up to 40 years. 

Keeping Ireland Safe From the Dangers of Asbestos

This news piece is just another indication if one were needed that despite all the clear warnings, people are still not taking asbestos dangers seriously. That's why the work we do at OHSS in the field of asbestos monitoring, asbestos surveys and consultancy with regard to safe and proper asbestos removal remains as important as ever. 

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