Let the Professionals Remove Asbestos in Dublin

8 Nov 2017

Let the Professionals Remove Asbestos in Dublin In the construction industry in Ireland today, there are tight asbestos regulations to protect the safety of all those the come into contact with the material that is known to cause a particularly virulent form of lung cancer. Asbestos removal requires a lot of expertise and knowhow, which is why your first action should be to call an asbestos abatement company if you discover any in your premises.

Call the Professionals

You may think that you know how to remove asbestos, but chances shouldn’t taken in any shape or form, and here’s why. When you move remove or even disturb asbestos, extremely harmful fibers are released into the air and what makes them so dangerous, is that they are invisible to naked eye.


When asbestos has been discovered in any given premises, it is necessary to conduct an asbestos survey, which includes an assessment of the scene. In addition to this, constant air quality monitoring is conducted to determine how dangerous the area is. This is even carried on after the offending material has been removed, as asbestos fibres can be present in the air, long after it has been taken away. And then there’s the disposal of asbestos, which can only be done at specially designated sites.

From start to finish, there is expertise and knowledge required at every stage and to attempt it without the required skills, puts everybody’s life at risk.

It’s What We Do

At OHSS Safety Consultants, we have been assisting companies deal with asbestos and all the associated regulations since 2001. From training to guidance, we are always on hand when you need us the most. If you’d like to know more about what we do or you’d like a chat about how we can help, why not give us a call on 01 6905907 or visit our website www.ohss.ie.

Remember. If asbestos is present...leave it alone and call the professionals, for everyone’s sake.