Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy - Asbestos

13 Aug 2017

Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy - Asbestos

For many years, asbestos was used as a building material as it was unknown the dangers  asbestos poised to human health. Today many homes and buildings in Ireland still have asbestos within them.


Asbestos - In its natural state, and left undisturbed, asbestos is actually quite harmless which is why people can live with the material in their home for many years before eventually finding it when decorating or knocking down a wall when renovating. However, it becomes very dangerous once disturbed because it creates a situation where asbestos fibres and dust  can be released into the atmosphere.


So now we are aware of the danger when fibres are released, professional asbestos surveyors who will manage the asbestos removal and disposal process in a safe and controlled manner are an absolute requirement .


Only experts using the right equipment and training know how to manage asbestos whilst adhering to the appropriate asbestos regulations.


Disposing of asbestos incorrectly  – is both dangerous and illegal. As soon as you cut into asbestos, it releases the dangerous fibres we’ve discussed which places everybody in the area in danger.


If you’ve come across asbestos in your home or office, we recommend contacting our professional asbestos services as soon as possible.


At OHSS Consultancy, we can help with asbestos abatement, asbestos surveys, and asbestos disposal here in Ireland. We are here to advise on the dangers and management of asbestos in the workplace, in compliance with the law and to help ensure all obligations and legal standards are met where building owners, employers, and contractors must obtain information about all asbestos containing materials in their facilities. 


OHSS is accredited to ISO17020 (Surveying for Asbestos in Premises and Risk Assessments) and ISO17025 (Analysis of Asbestos in Bulk Materials). This means that our survey methods, analysis, quality management system and report format conform to the highest quality standards available.