OHSS Safety Consultants - Raising Mesothelioma Awareness

14 Oct 2018

OHSS Safety Consultants - Raising Mesothelioma Awareness

At OHSS, we are fighting a constant battle against the presence of asbestos in the modern world and the risks to health that it represents. Despite being banned from use in construction and manufacturing in 1999, this hazardous substance still exists in buildings across the world - keeping asbestos companies as busy as they’ve ever been.

The reason why knowledge of asbestos regulations is so important is that exposure to the airborne fibres that are released during asbestos removal is directly linked to mesothelioma - a particularly aggressive, rare type of cancer. Mesothelioma most commonly develops in the lungs after exposure, but can also be found in the lining of stomach and heart.

Insidious Danger
What makes amateur asbestos removal and disposal so dangerous is that if the highly dangerous particles are breathed in during the process, there are typically no symptoms to speak of. There is often no sign of any mesothelioma symptoms for anywhere between 20 and 50 years, but when it does surface, the sufferer typically goes downhill very fast and as yet, there is no cure.

Our specialists know how to remove asbestos safely - in a way that endangers no one in the vicinity. This often involves asbestos surveys and a whole range of asbestos abatement protocols that are designed to minimise the potential risk presented by the material.

The work we do at OHSS is geared to ensuring that no one is needlessly put at risk. OHSS is accredited to ISO17020 (Surveying for Asbestos in Premises and Risk Assessments) and ISO17025 (Analysis of Asbestos in Bulk Materials). This means that our survey methods, analysis, quality management system and report format conform to the highest quality standards available.

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