Real-time Asbestos Fibre Detection from the Harley Scientific Fibre Check

23 Apr 2019

Real-time Asbestos Fibre Detection from the Harley Scientific Fibre Check

In order to protect people during asbestos removal and disposal works, asbestos abatement companies conduct both asbestos surveys and real-time airborne fibre monitoring. This requires the use of specialised electronic monitoring equipment which is far quicker than traditional techniques that involve sampling the air and sending it for lab testing, which can take up to 3 days to complete.

The Harley Scientific Fibrecheck from SMH
One such device has been created by SMH, who also manufacture electronic asbestos counters, and it’s able to accurately gauge the ambient levels of hazardous airborne fibrous during works. This hardware can be a real life-saver as the moment airborne asbestos fibres are detected during refurbishment and asbestos removals, those in the vicinity are immediately made aware.

Highly Damaging
The fact is, it only takes a single asbestos fibre to be inhaled for a person to suffer from the highly aggressive form of lung cancer, known as mesothelioma, later in life. Even if someone has been affected, they may be completely unaware of the fact until much later in life.

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