2 Jan 2016

We have encountered this question quite frequently lately and it is a really good one. We appreciate that people are aware of the danger and are gathering information on this.


Unfortunately there is a lot of information online suggesting that this is not a problem and there is nothing to worry about, and this is incorrect.


What are the things you look at when buying a house? Good neighbourhoods, nearby schools and parks - if you are a parent, structure and price, indoor and outdoor space? The structure should be on top of the priority list.


Asbestos can be found embedded in several components of your house’s structure, such as shed roofs, sidings, insulation shields, walls and doors. In many instances, the asbestos can be harmless, but you cannot take this for granted.


(Ceiling boards)


(Asbestos containing ceilings)


(Asbestos containing Lino)


(Asbestos containing roof slates and soffit board)


(Asbestos debris in rear garden)


You can find out exactly what you are dealing with only if you hire professional asbestos consultants.


The first step is to have an asbestos survey. According to the Approved Code of Practice this kind of survey should only be undertaken by accredited personnel.


Only after a professional asbestos survey you will know with certainty what are you dealing with, if asbestos is found, if it needs to be removed, and the costs of removal.


In many cases this may result in a reduction in the purchase price of the house to compensate for the costs associated with asbestos removal and reinstatement.