Should You Replace Asbestos Ceilings Before Selling Up?

11 Jan 2021

Should You Replace Asbestos Ceilings Before Selling Up?

At OHSS Safety consultants we often get asked for our advice about asbestos removal and disposal in our capacity as workplace safety advisors. One particular question that we get asked relates to what to do if you know for a fact that you have asbestos in your property and you intend to sell it.

As a responsible person, you want to do the right thing, but what is that? Should you get it removed or is it safe to leave it alone and not mention it? Well, the truth is somewhere in the middle and that’s what we briefly cover here.

Asbestos Ceilings Are Usually Made of Turabestos or Asbestolux
Ask any asbestos abatement company about what to do about an asbestos ceiling and they’ll probably tell you to leave it undisturbed if possible. Typically speaking, asbestos ceilings will be in a stable, solid form known as either asbestolux or turabestos that’s normally white, blue or brown.

This type of asbestos will be bonded with cement in 1:3 ratio and then applied to the ceiling to create a perforated or smooth finish which then gets decorated over. In this state, it’s not dangerous, as it’s not going to emit any invisible asbestos fibres that cause all the trouble. If it gets disturbed - that’s another matter entirely.

Doing the Right Thing
Asbestos removal is not always the best course of action, which is good news in a way, as it can cost quite a lot for a professional asbestos disposal expert to come to your property, make the necessary assessment and then create a strategy for its safe removal. There are a lot of asbestos regulations that you must know to carry out this kind of work in order to prevent exposure.

If it is determined that you should leave the ACM in situ, you can be helpful and do two things. Firstly, place a bright sticker next to the asbestos displaying the fact asbestos is present. That way, anyone seeing it will know. Also, let the agent or prospective buyer know, so that they don’t inadvertently and unnecessarily get put at risk.

The Biggest Workplace Killer On the Planet
The fact is that asbestos remains the number 1 killer in the workplace and extreme care needs to be taken whenever it’s encountered. Should you suspect the presence of the substance in your premises, it’s important that you seek expert help and the good news is that we’re just a phone call away.

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