The Importance of Air Monitoring on Construction Site in Ireland

10 Nov 2017

The Importance of Air Monitoring on Construction Site in Ireland The use of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) was banned at the end of the 20th century due to the threat that it posed to health. This however, was after 5 decades of widespread use in the construction industry, which means that it is still present in a large number of properties constructed before the ban came into place.

Construction Workers

On a present day construction site, asbestos regulations help mitigate the risk of extremely harmful airborne fibres that can result when the material is disturbed during removal. Once it has been in situ for a number of years, it can easily crumble, representing a clear danger to those in the area.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos abatement companies are employed on construction sites and are concerned with the safe handling of the material in a number of different ways:

Asbestos Surveys are performed in order to assess the potential risk and guide the measures that are implemented.
Air Monitoring is a major aspect of asbestos abatement that continually assesses the presence of the aforementioned fibres that can cause so much damage.
Asbestos Removal must done using extreme care, as this is the time when the risk of airborne fibres is at its greatest.
Asbestos Disposal can’t just occur at your local tip, as it needs to be deposited at specialised sites that can safely deal with the material.

All of these aspects are as vital as each other to protecting the safety of those involved and should only be carried out by a professional, accredited company.

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