Vibrations Analysis & Noise Measurement Explained

3 Jun 2021

Vibrations Analysis & Noise Measurement Explained

When employees are exposed to high levels of vibration or noise, it represents a health and safety in work issue that needs to be addressed. The inner ear, in particular, can become damaged and result in permanent hearing loss and the vibration caused by certain mechanical devices can cause irreparable damage to the vascular and nervous systems, so it’s important to know the risks and act accordingly.

A Wide Range of Sectors 

Whilst road workers using heavy jackhammer equipment are the obvious professional group who are most at risk from vibrational damage, it actually affects more people than you might realise. Anyone involved in heavy engineering, quarrying, mining and even those working in the cleaning and domestic sector can find themselves being affected in this way.

The same goes for high noise levels, with factory workers, nightclub DJs, farmers, welders and a whole host of professions needing to focus on protecting their hearing. And when hazardous conditions like these exist, an expert vibration and noise analysis needs to be conducted to ascertain the risks that are present.

With the information this assessment provides, Irish businesses are then able to take the necessary measures and implement the required control solutions. The vibration and acoustical audits and surveys will serve to protect everyone who may enter environments such as these in the course of their work. 

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